What you will surely love here in SCOOP:
  • We trust in you – here you are not a soldier to be ordered to, but a comrade, a colleague, a master among other masters. You will be one of those who says how we should do the work. We always worked up to the DevOps principles, and mostly it was in times when they didn't have that name.

  • We don't have a strict set of rules for development. We live up to the main principle of agile programming: the rules for the project develop in accordance with the tasks and limitations of the concrete project and expectations of the client. In some projects we do use SCRUM methods, but we don't live up to its set of rules.

  • We give you much freedom - you will have a great influence on the choose of technologies and ways how the work should be done. You will be a part of a team that makes the decisions. So, we won't write here the list of technologies that you will use in our company, you personally will have the high impact on it.

  • We don't have a classical hierarchy. Co-founders/owners of the company have the same developer title as you and will work on the projects the same way as you do. Wages increase with rising level of experience rather than a fancy title

  • We know that good specialists are all individuals. And we don't try to make them think the same way. We value that you are all different. And we can discuss our views in a friendly way.

  • We are not economizing on our colleagues!

  • We invest in technologies - if we use something, that is because we consider it good for us, not because it is cheap.

  • We invest in you - we support our colleagues in their strive for development and training. If you need a piece of education, you get it.

  • We won't cram you into cells of "openspace" matrix. You can expect spacey, nice, convenient and modern workplace. Air-conditioned, with a shower and a place for your bike.

  • You will also benefit from an attractive salary and a profit sharing system.

  • We make our company a pleasant place to work in: we are the team of enthusiasts working in the friendly atmosphere.

  • We value our colleagues. In 17 years of the existence of SCOOP not a single employee was fired!

  • We want you to do your best and you should have the appropriate rest for that. Nobody will force you to work overtime and if you will, you will be paid +25% more for it, or take later the equivalent time as free. 3 sick days and 6 weeks of holiday help, too :-).

  • We won't ask you how you can manage the stress, because we can and we do organize the work with minimal stresses.

  • You won't feel oppressed here - if you want to do your work the best way, you will have the time to do it. Nobody will make you to give off the unfinished work. That system works the best - our customers value SCOOP employees as experts in object-oriented development and software architecture, which in its turn brings us the material base for that strategy.

  • We don't only work, but organize some common actions, including all-company team building actions in Germany.

  • Our principles had proved to work even in difficult times: we had already overcome the crisis of 2001 without losses and the crisis of 2008 expanding ourselves.

  • And we are always opened for change – if while working at us you will come with some improvement, it surely will be discussed, analyzed, tried and introduced if it will be found effective.