Are you aspiring to start your software development career in a fast pace, team oriented environment where the goal is for you to learn as many different programming languages, frameworks and enterprise level programming principles as possible under the guidance of our architects and senior developers. The Entry Level Java Developer will work as part of a Prototype Development Team supporting a wide range of enterprise level Java and PHP applications. If you have a solid understanding of Java and Object Oriented Programming and a desire and drive to quickly learn PHP, then this may be a great role for you to explore.
Our goal is to teach an Entry Level Java Developer as much as possible and create a knowledgeable, professional Software Engineer. Along with new technologies, you will work with developers and engineers who have a wide range of expertise from Senior Architects to other Junior Developers. Junior Application Developers have the capability to grow into many different roles and teams throughout the company.
  • Analyze requirements.

  • Keep on track with deadlines.

  • Document designs, code and all project assets in an organized and up-to-date manner.

  • Provide initial analysis and produce accurate levels of effort.

  • Maintain code bases.

  • Provide solutions to complex engineering tasks.

  • Troubleshoot problems and issues with code and data.

  • Research emerging technologies and make recommendations for process improvements.

  • Participate in code reviews in a peer capacity.

  • Learn from other developers and grow their knowledge base.

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience.

  • Java, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON and AJAX.

  • Object Oriented Programming.

  • Familiar with standards and best practices for web development.

  • Familiar with callbacks, event handlers and functional programming.

  • Experience debugging scripts in browser.

Desired Skills
  • Laravel, CakePHP or MVC framework knowledge and experience.

  • MYSQL or similar SQL experience.

  • Understanding of RESTful principles.

  • Experience working with API’s.

  • GIT and version control.

  • Linux (any flavor) experience is a plus.

  • Apache or nginx experience is a plus.

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