Headquarters: Chicago, IL
URL: http://casepacer.com/
At CasePacer we're re-imagining what legal software can do for the industry. We believe that modern software can bring a new perspective, fundamentally changing legal management, analysis and interaction.

We're an experienced collective of legal experts, entrepreneurs and engineers with a shared belief that legal software doesn't have to be as old as the profession itself. It might even be intuitive or dare we say it, fun!

With all the heft of our industry, we try to keep things light in the office (if you're in the area). Scores are settled over ping pong. Drinks are had on Friday. And work is genuinely engaging. We also have an excellent benefits package that includes all the fixings: healthcare, vacation, equity and more. 

Sound good? We'd love to chat!

Essential skills: 

- Elixir, Go, Node or Ruby experience

- An Interest in next generation languages

- AWS, Heroku or G Cloud deployment 

- Experience with modern client side JS: React, Vue, Angular or Ember

- Familiar with common responsive SCSS: Bootstrap, Foundation or Semantic

- Traditional relational database experience: Postgres, MySQL, etc

- Comfortable on Github (standard Github flow)

- Not afraid of new technology 

Nice to haves:

- API Design Experience

- Implemented D3 visualizations

- An interest in ML/NLP

- Experience handling HIPAA/PHI Data

- Electron app development

- Prior .Net experience (for legacy reference)

To apply: Send your resume to careers@casepacer.com