Kira Systems is looking for a junior Linux Systems Administrator/Site Reliability Engineer to join our team in our Toronto office. Our ideal candidate may have little or no professional experience but possesses initiative and intellectual curiosity, and the desire to learn from our experienced Systems Team.
The team objective is to keep our servers and code running smoothly, this includes: availability, code deployments, automation, optimization, performance, change management, scalability, logging, monitoring, alerts, emergency response, capacity planning, security.
About Us
Kira Systems is helping professionals be more efficient and happier by automating tedious document review. We build state of the art machine learning software that excels at searching and analyzing text in contracts. Our software, Kira, automatically identifies and extracts relevant provisions from contracts in virtually any format. Kira's contract search capabilities were originally developed for review of third party contracts in M&A due diligence, and, as a result, our technology is able to handle nonstandard forms and provisions with ease.
Main Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining and monitoring our production and development environments

  • Supporting our infrastructure and application

  • Supporting client-hosted installations of our software

  • Documenting client questions and incidents

Technical Skills and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

  • Personal technical projects

  • Familiarity with Linux server systems administration

  • Bonus points for:

  • Familiarity with AWS (EC2, Autoscaling, Route53, CloudFormation, etc)

  • Fluency in SQL and familiarity with RDBMSs (especially PostgreSQL)

  • Fluency scripting for automating tasks (especially Bash, Ansible, and Python)

Why Join Kira Systems?
We think Kira Systems is a great place to work. Here are three reasons why:
  • Team. Our team is filled with smart, curious, nice people, and our people get given a lot of independence. Together, we have a happy and fun team culture.

  • Personal Growth. We work on challenging problems. It’s hard, in a good way.

  • Technology. Machine learning is driving a new industrial revolution, and it’s terrific to learn about and work closely with this impactful technology.

Meet us and figure out whether Kira Systems is a great place for you too.
Kira Systems welcomes diverse candidates.
How to apply:
Does the above sound interesting? We'd love to hear from you. Be sure to send us a CV and a cover letter — we want to know why you're interested in us, and what motivated you to apply. If you have relevant personal projects on GitHub or similar, be sure to send us a link.