We are seeking a summer researcher to help with a project involving the development of iterative linear solver algorithms for next-generation platforms. Possible summer assignments include:
(1) Development of multigrid algorithms for linear systems arising from partial differential equations on structured meshes using the Kokkos Trilinos library;
(2) Development of next-generation solvers for primarily structured meshes that include some unstructured regions;
(3) Development of highly concurrent and communication-avoiding multigrid algorithms for next-generation platforms;
(4) Performance studies/code optimizations/run time comparisons with unstructured multigrid codes.
Specific tasks will be determined based on the candidate's interests and background. Much of the work is conducted in interdisciplinary teams, including interactions with other departments within Sandia as well as external collaborators. Successful applicants will be exposed to computational research at Sandia and will have a strong project-based research experience working directly with Sandia staff scientists. Successful candidates will also learn about and be expected to contribute to Sandia software technologies.