We are looking for a
Junior Full Stack Developer
Karlsruhe (HQ), Germany
Karlsruhe offers technology, science and quality of life.
We are looking for:
People with the same mindset, people who have already proven that sporty goals and challenges are two important things in their lives.
Through daily communication with our product management, the team knows the common product objectives and latest developments in the market that affect our products. Everyone on the team wants to be close to the "pulse of the products" and also uses these products at home.
Because of our own requirements as a team and the requirements that our demanding customers have, our goals are also linked to constant learning in new areas. One of the strengths that characterizes us.
But our flexibility as a team also characterizes our success. We quickly respond to changes in the requirements in a well-balanced manner. A property that is highly appreciated by our customers and is represented by everyone in the team.
Product concepts are set up in a way that the team can act in their own responsibility when implementing these concepts. In addition to concepts, each individual in the team, with their roadmaps, progress tracking and quality assurance, creates a high degree of transparency for the daily progress of the implementation. This leads to a high acceptance of the results of each individual in the team.
And we´re allowed to be happy, because the daily joy and the best care possible, offered in the company, is an important factor for our motivation in the team.