We think that spatial relationships in the world tell a hidden story. We have spatial datasets to explore, big datasets to model, and administrative datasets from which we need to extract confessions. We need someone who can imagine creatively data sources that will answer our burning questions. Someone who can hunt those datasets down, extract them, stitch them together, clean them up, and make them talk.
You will join a tight-knit team of software developers, data scientists, and designers. We are building our analytic capability and we want people who can grow with us.
What you will do:
  • Learn to work with spatial data

  • Clean, munge, and document all kinds of datasets

  • Find, scrape, download, extract publicly-available datasets

  • EDA and feature extraction

  • (Eventually) apply sophisticated ML to large sensor datasets from which we learn about how people and space interact

Skills you need
  • R or Python (esp. the scikit-learn universe)

  • You should know your way around a SQL select statement

  • Training in statistical methods

  • Experience loading, transforming, and analyzing data

  • Demonstrable experience having derived insight from data analysis

Bonus skills:
  • Experience working with spatial/gps data

  • Experience in the hadoop ecosystem like hive or (extra bonus) spark

  • Comfortable in bash especially with sed, awk, cut, grep, etc.

  • Collaboration tools like git or bitbucket

  • Some training with advanced ML models (neural nets, random forests, etc.)

Our culture:
  • We’re irrepressibly curious

  • We don’t take anything at face value

  • We over communicate

  • We collaborate

What We Offer:
  • Competitive salary

  • Generous vacation and paid time off (PTO)

  • Comprehensive medical insurance

  • Equipment stipend

  • Flexible arrangements: Work from home up to twice a week

  • The opportunity to work cross-functionally with an amazing team and take ownership in building a startup from the ground up