carwow aims to be Europe’s leading destination for car buying. To do this, we empower the consumer in every decision they make about their car.
We have a number of new and exciting projects in the pipeline and need some smart developers who can come and help us with the upcoming technical challenges.
As a team, our mission is to create a technology driven company that enables our employees to use their skills to solve interesting problems and scale the product as the company grows.
To achieve this, we are looking to hire Junior Developers that are passionate about developing simple solutions for complex problems. Successful candidates will work for as a Full stack Ruby Developer as part of one of the best small companies to work for in the UK.
Why should you join carwow?
  • You will be pair programming from day 1 and learn from an extremely experienced team of developers from different backgrounds

  • We work quickly and you’ll be able to have a direct impact on the product — pushing code to production within your first day

  • You will be working with a company who are passionate about quality — TDD means a lot to us. Whilst delivery is important, we don’t sacrifice on quality

  • We promote continuous learning and don’t pigeonhole our developers to just knowing Ruby, you will be able to attend conferences for techs such as Elm Europe, dotCSS / JS, Full Stack Fest and Strangeloop

  • We care about being a happy and balanced team

  • You can get involved with a number of conferences that we sponsor/ run/ host such as Brighton Ruby Conference, Ruby Hacknight, Codebar and London Elixir Dojo

  • You will be working with a smart, quality driven and collaborative team

  • Tech is extremely important to us, one of our founders is the CTO who is very passionate about software engineering. He’ll always have the teams back

  • You are exposed to the entire product development process, allowing you to develop skills outside of software development

  • We have challenging scalability and are growing everyday. Currently there are around 3 million visitors a month on average to the website - having grown from 2 million in the last 6 months!

  • There’s lots to do; we are building tonnes of new features all the time and still defining what carwow is as a product

  • Every Friday, the engineering team is given the freedom to take a break from the backlog and work on something of interest that contributes to the technical maturity and stability of our codebase - Backlog free Fridays

You should apply if:
  • You can demonstrate a good understanding of web technologies

  • You understand why testing software is useful, and try to write well tested code as much as possible

  • You want to pair program with an experienced developer on a daily basis and continuously learn new things and best practices

  • You enjoy challenges across the entire stack

  • You have professional, academic, or personal experience with a dynamic web-based programming language (e.g. Ruby, Python, or PHP)

  • You care about software excellence

  • You are pragmatic in your approach to writing software (e.g. you take context into consideration, and don’t follow rules blindly)

  • You want to learn about software best practices such as refactoring, clean code, domain driven design, etc

  • You enjoy working with others

Our setup?
  • Our product teams are cross functional and typically consist of full stack developers, designers, PMs, and insight analysts

  • The teams are focussed around reaching core objectives for the year. Some of our objectives for this year include: launching a leasing proposition, increasing sales of in-stock cars, increasing dealership groups engagement

  • We love Ruby, JavaScript, Git, TDD, and OSS and use a bunch of other technologies daily; Haml, Sass, Heroku, AWS being the most usual suspects

We believe that diversity of experience whether that be personal or professional, contributes to a broader collective perspective and will consistently lead to a better company with more innovative solutions and products. We are working hard to increase the diversity of our team and be more inclusive wherever we can in order for people to consider becoming a part of it.