Are you newly graduated and ready to try your wings within software development? We are looking for several ambitious, driven and junior developers to join Tobii Tech software!
This is a unique chance where we are opening up junior positions within several of our software teams. You will get an insight in all teams and get a deeper understanding of our products together with your colleagues applying for this position.
In this role, you will work with highly skilled and committed people where you will have the opportunity to generate and develop your ideas – all in all to create the software that faces every eye tracker user. Keen to know more? Continue reading!
The role and the teams
Tobii Tech software consists of four teams who all have the same mission: To continuously improve and integrate eye tracking features into all kinds of products. For this opening, you will be part of one of the following teams. Which team that’s the best fit for you and your skills will be decided during the process!
Tobii Tech’s Extension team builds gaze-enabled applications as well as extensions to existing products to add eye tracking interactions. As a team member, you will develop gaze-enabled experiences in games or other applications, mainly in C#/.Net technologies. You will be part from planning and realizing the product vision based on user stories to deploy and running software.
The Core team creates the software that makes eye tracking easy to use and to configure. We are agile and work together with other Tobii Tech teams that are creating the layers in the stack below us. If you are part of the Core team you will mainly work with WPF/C#, Windows Automation API and Win32 API to create fluent and integrated Windows experiences in different areas of an OS. Due to the wide spread of different feature you will take part of many technical discussions.
The Stream Engine team’s prime focus is to deliver a functional, high performing eye tracking API that can easily be utilized by other teams at Tobii. In the Stream Engine team, you will develop the core eye tracking library supporting multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac and Android. You will also do research and explorative work in the field of eye tracking and head positioning. For this team, we expect that you have at least some experience in C++. Extra cred if you have experience with Android or macOS development or low level driver.
The Interaction Engine team develop the Interaction engine, which is the central middleware hub in the Tobii software stack. In the Interaction engine team you will push the boundaries for what is possible with eye tracking by working with both eye tracking data filtering and processing, develop and maintain interaction algorithms and system-wide device management. You will also work with designing and maintaining internal and public SDKs that makes it possible for developers around the globe to explore the world of eye tracking interaction in their applications. This requires tight cooperation with other teams, working with middleware solutions that communicates with both the operating system and layers higher up in the stack. In the interaction team, we work mainly with C#, C++ and JavaScript.
What can you expect from us?
The opportunity to join a team of dedicated colleagues that will help you become a master in the craft of software development
  • A kick start in your career and gain deep insight in how eye tracking and our software team works

  • A chance to influence your daily work and take on more responsibility as you progress

  • Work with the latest and coolest technologies to make it real

  • An environment with highly varying types of work

We believe that you are passionate about software development and would love to see examples of code you have developed that you are extra proud to show off and explain. Submit your resume and special piece of code through our website where you also can read more about the position.