At Shapr3D it's really hard to get bored. One day you might be tweaking an animation on the UI, while the other day you are optimizing a numerical algorithm under the hood. Oh, and it's rather satisfying when you see your app featured on apple.com. Yes. That's right. Shapr3D is one of those apps.
Our tech stack:
  • Our UI code is 100% Swift

  • For everything else we write cross platform, standard C++14 code

  • Our renderer is written in OpenGL (but we are switching to Metal soon)

  • Some Objective-C, mostly for gluing Swift and C++ together

We are a hard working, but flexible team with great ambitions. We are dead serious about building an extremely successful company, and we are looking for similarly ambitious team members.
The team
We are a team of agile, multidisciplinary developers. Many of us have worked on products from the beginning that scaled from 0 to tens of millions of users (Prezi, LogMeIn, join.me). 
The way we work
Our office is located in the heart of Budapest, next to Deak Ferenc square. As we are a startup, with big ambitions, we are working very hard, but we are also making sure that nobody burns out. You will spend 9-10 hours a day in the office on average, but no more. We respect your personal life and free time. 
Since Shapr3D is a very young product, we do a lot of experimenting, and 70% of the job is feature development. We appreciate creative minds, who not only write code, but have a strong product mindset. 
Our priorities are:
  1. Building a world class team

  1. Growth

  1. Building an iconic product

Skills & Requirements
For the junior level:
  • basic understanding of C++

  • some experience with mobile technologies, preferably iOS

  • strong math skills (meaning that you are not a mathematician, but eg. you could implement a complex numerical algorithm from a paper)

  • ambition to become a world-class software engineer

  • plus: having a pet project

For the senior(+) level:
  • strong modern C++ skills

  • 5+ years experience in mobile application development, preferably iOS

  • proven track record in building high quality products

  • ability to write high quality, testable, maintainable code

  • humble and hard-working attitude

  • ability to coach your colleagues

  • good communication skills

  • strong computer science and math skills (meaning that you are not a mathematician, but eg. you could implement a complex numerical algorithm from a paper)

  • multiplatform development experience is a big plus

What we offer?
  1. Money

  1. Impact, and responsibility

  1. Stock options

  1. Great location

  1. A smart and talented team

  1. World-class software engineering

  1. Exciting new problems every day

  1. You will work on a product that our users love

  1. A hard working, but flexible work environment

  1. An honest, and transparent company culture.