FloQast is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based company innovating solutions in the task management software and accounting space. We believe that our fresh approach to the accounting close process represents a massive opportunity to dramatically improve the day to day lives of accountants and their teams. Our software helps save countless hours, days, and in some cases weeks of their time while also empowering them to achieve the highest degree of transparency, accuracy, and control of their process
We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer that is ready to get their hands dirty and make an immediate impact in shaping the way our clients work. You will play a key role in everything from expanding and improving our current flagship product to building out additional products, micro services, analytics platform functionality, and 3rd party integrations.
What you’ll do...
  • See features through the full software development life cycle

  • You will work with teammates to vet specs, deliver code with automated test, participate in code review, and deploy product across multiple environments

  • Work on features in vertical slices that cover the entire stack

  • You will produce high quality UI, RESTful API’s, deliver logic at the server and database levels, and even gain exposure to some aspects of DevOps

  • Learn and discover new technologies and concepts that help solve problems while growing in a supportive environment

  • You will be challenged to learn and use new technologies like the ever growing AWS ecosystem, Redux, D3, and much more.