We are a software company based in Franklin, TN that makes products which help other companies with the use of e-learning standards like SCORM and the Tin Can API. At Rustici Software, we have many freedoms. We want our employees to have lives outside of work. We want you to leave early to go see your kids play soccer. We don’t have a vacation policy, but we toss “5 weeks” around as a general estimate. We don’t track vacation days. We have excellent benefits, and lots of extraordinary benefits such has paid house cleaning, lawn service, gym memberships, and digital subscriptions to name a few.
We are seeking a DevOps Engineer to work closely in a small group that produces our e-learning SaaS product. The ideal candidate is an individual who possesses a software development background as well as systems operations and management. Responsibilities include:
  • Working as part of a small team to design and deploy and support our SaaS product.

  • Develop both a web front-end and REST backend

  • Support a rock solid environment to help maintain 24x7 uptimes

  • Working closely with Customer Support to enhance the user experience.

  • Helping to implement and deploy bug fixes to improve the speed and functionality of our web application.

  • 1+ years of programming experience

  • Experience in at least one of programming language (JAVA, .NET, Python, C/C++, Scala, etc)

  • Familiarity with Linux Administration

  • Familiarity with WebServers (e.g. Apache, Nginx)

  • Work out of the Nashville area

Prefered Skills
  • Experience in MySQL

  • Experience in Apache or Nginx

  • Familiarity with Amazon Web Service (AWS) offerings

  • Experience with revision control (especially Git)

Make sure to check out “An Open Letter” from one of our founders (and CEO), Tim Martin. It says a lot about what you need to know before emailing us about this job opening.
Each time we hire, we wait until we find exactly the right person. If that’s you, we really hope you’ll send your resume over to us with an email.
Make sure that what we get from you makes it painfully apparent that you are the right person. Make sure that you make it clear in your email or resume or whatever, that this job is important to you, that you want to work here, not just somewhere.
You will want to spend some time on our website, learn how we think and what we do. Get to know us if you want us to get to know you.