About the Job:
 Your code will directly impact our federal and commercial clients, most notably our biggest client, the US Navy. Since the owners of our company are coders themselves, our developers are understood and communication runs smoothly while you face daily challenges. We are a small business, so we seek out motivated coders and regularly recognize achievement.
 A few of our major projects include the development of a database for US Navy facility inspection data, a 3D waterfront facility planning tool developed for the US Navy, and the development of a healthcare eligibility management system for a commercial client in the Health IT sector.
 We are located near the revitalized and rapidly growing Capitol Riverfront area near the Navy Yard in Southeast Washington DC. We are within walking distance of the Washington Nationals Stadium, Eastern Market, and many popular restaurants on 8th Street.
 About our development teams:
 We code in Javascript. We use jQuery, Bootstrap, and Marionette frameworks.
 We are always looking at new tools and ideas, so we look for coders who are independently curious about what they do. Although the software development world is constantly changing, we have a knack for vetting new ideas and sticking with what works until our needs evolve and we require a change.
 We recognize achievement and promote from within.
 Open and clear communication is one of our most valuable assets, and we encourage this type of environment with our daily and monthly stand ups and the use of tools like HipChat and Asana. We like talking to each other, helping each other, and regularly collaborating outside of our own development department on smaller, company-wide projects.
 We offer competitive salaries, health/dental/vision benefits, Paid Time Off, Paid Parking, Federal Holiday schedule, and On Call Holidays around the year-end, holiday season.
Please visit our website at www.ssdllc.biz under the Team section for more information and to apply.