Are you a developer looking for a place where your creative work will help customers achieve their goals faster, guide them through digital transformation and provide them with insight into their own business?
Do you like solving tough problems by designing and implementing innovative solutions?
Do you believe that testing is an integral part of the software development process?
Do you want to work in a team that has extensive experience with developing challenging applications?
Are you looking for an environment where you will be able to discuss your ideas with other team members, grow by learning from others and help others grow by learning from you?
Are you following new technology trends and are able to understand tradeoffs between emerging technologies, hyped patterns/frameworks and proven solution?
Would you like to gain knowledge about a wide spectrum of industries: from telecommunications to utilities, insurance and banking?
Are you interested in Microsoft technologies but are also not afraid to choose other tools that will help you get your job done?
Are you convinced that the Web is the most powerful platform suitable for delivering great user experience to a wide range of users?
Are you a geek?
Do you love writing great code and see coding not just as a career but a passion?
Do you enjoy teambuilding activities such as visiting Europe’s capitals, bowling, hiking, volleyball, carting and adrenalin parks?
Oh, and how about daily fresh, healthy fruit (and a little less healthy ice cream)?
If you answered with YES to any of the questions above, come and join our team – we will build some great solutions together.