about us
Improbable’s mission is to make new realities possible. These realities will enrich the human experience, underpin superior decisions, be the foundation for new businesses and create insights into how the universe works.
Our first product is SpatialOS; a distributed operating system capable of producing consequential, persistent simulations at unprecedented scale. SpatialOS is being deployed in progressive game studios and the most critical government institutions across the world.
We are a British technology company with an internationally diverse workforce, unified by our desire to achieve extraordinary things. Fulfilling our long-term vision requires solving some of the most interesting and difficult problems on earth; the journey to new realities provides continuous progression and development opportunities for our world class problem solvers.

At Improbable we are building software to solve completely new and complex problems around distributed systems, AI, physics and containerisation; all at massive scale with extreme performance requirements. We operate in small, agile, autonomous teams each working on key aspects of our offering. Examples of what teams are working on include;
• integrating new workers with our distributed stack -- e.g. physics, navigation, raycasting
• developing new algorithms to distribute and scale our simulations
• developing tooling to understand and reason about large real-time simulations
• researching new applications of our tech and developing proof of concepts
• creation of world-class, robust APIs and SDKs for external customers
We have a range of opportunities available across our engineering teams, broadly falling into these categories:
  • Building our base real-time distributed simulation platform

  • Applying our real-time distributed simulation platform to gaming

  • Building exciting demo's to showcase the power of SpatialOS

  • Applying our real-time distributed simulation platform to other verticals