THE JOB / Jr. Front End Developer
Do you describe yourself as: a forward thinker? Do you possess a logical approach and like the challenge of taking on the day-to-day issues all web developers face? If you enjoy immersing yourself in leading methodologies and then sharing your knowledge with others, this opportunity is for you.
We need a self-motivated front-end web developer to join the Octagon Digital Team. As a developer you'll be responsible for building, testing, debugging, and troubleshooting clean, web standards compliant code and work with server-side developers to integrate all of this into the final product. We're searching for someone who loves working in teams as well as collaborating with technologists, designers, user interaction designers and strategists.
•Listen for effective fact finding, design/development and diagnosis
•Write standard-compliant code including testing/debugging in multiple browsers and platforms
•Collaborate with multiple teams to integrate your clean code into a final product
•You'll translate comps and wireframes into semantically correct web templates
•Provide status updates to your supervisor and keep the team in the loop with general updates
•Share your findings relative to industry standard methodologies or knowledge with the team
•Display integrity and agency philosophy when making decision
•Approach your work with self-motivation and interact professionally with a diverse group of people
But wait there’s more…to the interested applicants of the Jr. Front End Developer position, we have a challenge:
(Note: If you do not already have one, please set up a GitHub repository and upon completion please provide the link to your repository.)
Your Mission: Create 2-page responsive microsite similar to the following: (Open in Chrome for the full experience) http://baseball.doosan.com/
The Details: Please ensure that the site can be viewed on Desktop, Tablet (iPad) and Mobile devices (iPhone, Galaxy S6, etc).
Page 1 (Landing): Create a landing page with the following elements:
  • sticky header (logo and some navigation links)
  • hero image (or video)
  • a section containing text (please use “Lorem Ipsum”)
  • basic footer with links

Page 2 (Contact form): Set up a page containing a form. The form would have the following fields and corresponding validation:
  • First name – characters only
  • Last name – characters, hyphens and apostrophes only
  • Email – valid email addresses
  • Zip code – US zip validation
  • US States – a drop down list of states

Extra Credit: Provide server-side code to store form fields data in the database. For PHP, make sure to use PDO, parameterized queries, server-side validation.
•You have a passion for and expertise in sports, entertainment, gaming, music and/or celebrity & lifestyle culture
•You have at minimum an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science or related program with at least 1ish years of front-end web development experience
•You are dogged in your pursuit of debugging and solving issues
•Validated knowledge of XHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, as well as JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, Angular, React.js, etc.)
•Knowledge of SEO standard methodologies
•Knowledge of responsive and adaptive design principles and translating into fluid and responsive templates
•You understand core CS fundamental concepts
•Experience with source/version control (e.g.: GIT or SVN) is nice
•Familiarity with PHP, or .NET would be excellent
•Experience with iOS development (Objective-C, Swift) is great too
•You approach things positively and have a can-do attitude
•The devil is in the detail and so are you
•You can adapt to changing situations
•Your communication style is clear and precise
•When people describe you, the words ‘dedicated’ and 'can-do' come up
•You are curious and interested in creative and/or strategic specialties
Octagon is proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability or protected veteran status.