Our purpose and our reach, your opportunity.
Top Hat is revolutionizing the world of higher education. We are the leading teaching platform that professors use to create an active learning environment. Using Top Hat, professors can transform students' smartphones and laptops into tools of engagement, leading to increased attendance, higher grades, and a more effective lecture experience. More recently, Top Hat launched its own interactive textbook authoring platform and marketplace—you can read about the financing round we just raised to drive this initiative over at Bloomberg. We aim to be the premier way for professors to interact with students both in and out of the classroom.
Top Hat is used and adored by over 750 universities and over 2 million students worldwide.
As we set our sights on increasing adoption of our products to all 4000+ post-secondary institutions in North America, we need to grow our Engineering team. We’re looking for a Junior DevOps engineer who can stay ahead of the curve on CI and deployment automation, developer tooling, security hardening, and overall system instrumentation. 
As a key member of our DevOps team you will:
  • Innovate. As we grow our Engineering organization, we need our CI and deployment tooling to keep up. This often means iterating on our existing tooling (a mix of Jenkins 2.0, CircleCI, Ansible, Docker, CloudFormation, with Python and makefiles gluing things together), and sometimes introducing new technology to solve new and future needs.

  • Collaborate. DevOps at Top Hat provides the tooling and automation needed to enable a DevOps culture across our organization. This means working closely with our development and product teams to understand their bottlenecks, and to mentor them on operational ownership.

  • Improve. DevOps helps improve our internal tooling (instrumentation, dashboards, deployment automation), as well as the infrastructural availability of our production services. We run blame-free post-mortems to drive improvements after incidents, and instrument everything to know when systems fail. We keep up with the latest Amazon services to help scale operations and better achieve high-availability. DevOps also plays a part in Top Hat’s transformation into a security-first organization, providing the opportunity to work on security tasks across our stack.

Where are you right now?
You’re either a developer interested to get into ops automation and developer tooling, or you’ve already been doing DevOps work and have a coding background. The ability to write code is fundamental to this role, as we’ll eventually be moving DevOps into cross-functional initiative teams as the Engineering organization grows. You want to improve developer productivity and happiness through better tooling and automation. You want to join a fast growing company with purpose where you can see the difference your work is making.
Some of the reasons we attract great people:
  • We are tackling interesting technology challenges such as real-time messaging to thousands of clients with guaranteed delivery over poor network conditions in difficult networking environments.

  • The impact you will make extends beyond just the success of the company but the prosperity of the education environment.

  • We work in a collaborative team-oriented atmosphere where our developers can be found “swarming” an issue or pairing up to work on a tricky piece of code.

  • We have a very good business and strong revenue growth. You will be exposed to all aspects of a business past start-up mode and scaling quickly.

  • We’re just the right size. Top Hat isn’t a megacorp nor are we a small ‘cowboy’ shop. We are a great fit for individuals that want stability but don’t want to be a number.

  • We offer mentorship and meaningful work. Leadership opportunities. Whether it’s leading people, products, or projects, our growth translates into new positions for those that are motivated.