The Red Bull Media Network (RBMN) is a set of outstanding, global consumer-facing experiences. Products and channels in this portfolio are built on top of a technical platform, composed of multiple home-grown and third-party services and solutions, suiting the specific demands of Red Bull. We are looking for a Software Engineer (m/f) who is hands-on in every layer of the technical stack, i.e. from Cloud to backend services to UI components.
As Software Engineer B2C & B2B you will be part of the Red Bull Media Network Platform team responsible for the design, implementation, integration, and operations of B2C & B2B services and applications.
Areas that play to your strengths:
  • You`ll code and deliver feature complete implementations with special attention to speed (i.e. new features) & performance, security, automation (“you build it, you own it”), scalability and sustainability.

  • Is security more than a buzzword for you? You understand the security concepts inherent to modern software systems, from the web frontend (e.g. XSS, Injection, CSRF) to backend and databases. You are always aware of the privacy and data protection issues related to the systems, specifically concerning the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. Hence, you`ll stay up-to-date with security standards.

  • Youll constantly keep up-to-date with new industry trends and standards. Therefore, youll screen the market for potential new solutions and perform evaluation & assessment (technical pilots & POCs). Moreover, you`ll contribute in avoiding technical debt by actively improving the system.

  • In this exciting role, you will closely work together with the Product Management team and multiple Red Bull and Red Bull Media House teams, always having the holistic platform view and purpose in mind. You`ll understand the business context & needs, identify & derive functional and non-functional requirements and communicate (new) technical solutions & implementations.

  • Part of your role will be to assure a smooth integration of new and existing consumer-facing applications into the Red Bull user data services world (e.g. Login) and multiple internal Red Bull systems (e.g. Email Marketing, Data warehouse). You`ll define the (REST) APIs that will be exposed to the (external) applications, paying high attention to security and usability.

  • You enjoy working together with multiple teams of internal and external developers? In this role, you will actively take part in regular development meetings (Spring Planning, Reviews, Stand-ups, etc).

Your experience includes:
  1. First experience in software engineering and high interest in a full-stack development

  1. Knowledge in fundamental and popular web and new media technologies/services, JavaScript frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, React), SaaS solutions, application frameworks (e.g. Spring, Vert.x), persistence solutions (e.g. MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL), middleware technologies (e.g. Java, Node.js)

  1. Experience in Client/Server development (JavaScript, Java, web development) and know-how in application frameworks

  1. Interest in software design, ecosystems, platforms, web-scale APIs and system integration and passion for new technologies

  1. General understanding of modern online application architecture concepts, such as availability, scalability, resilience, responsiveness, security, etc.

  1. Experience with testing in modern software systems is a plus

  1. Interest in 3rd party API integration (e.g. REST, authentication, decoupling)

  1. Basic understanding and interest in cloud technologies

  1. Willingness to learn and courage to challenge the status quo

Bachelor or master degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems or alternative to a study an accomplished apprenticeship in this field or Federal Higher Technical Institute (HTL) with several years’ work experience