(Los Angeles, California)
Web Developer Wanted!
About the position:
We are looking for someone with solid coding skills to join our team. You will work with our engineering team to improve and expand our 3D body scanning products on the web.
We need people who are great communicators, self-motivated and goal-oriented, methodical and tenacious, and can effectively interact with a team.
  • Based in Los Angeles, CA
  • 1.5+ years of relevant experience
  • CS degree from accredited college or university or must prove equivalent compentancy
  • Enjoy working in a start-up environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Open to relocation, if necessary

  • Full stack development
  • Front end development, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Professional experience building an external-facing REST API, with documentation

Other Skills:
  • C++ or other object-oriented language
  • Amazon Web Services Stack
  • Fluent in SQL and firm understanding of relational data models
  • Proficient in Postgres or other major database
  • Fluent in dynamic languages including node.js
  • Familiar with data analysis, machine learning, statistical analysis and complex computation with large datasets
  • Knowledge of data, statistical analysis
  • Knowledge of database optimization

  • Design and develop secure data delivery systems (API’s, exports, web front-ends) to clients
  • Develop and improve internal API methods that our desktop software and mobile apps can use to securely retrieve data
  • Implement data integrations between various sources including customer CRM systems and web services, 3rd party API’s
  • Optimize and improve upon delivery mechanisms from data storage and databases
  • Demonstrated ability to build end-to-end web platforms
  • Develop a responsive and robust front-end that presents analytics, aggregated results, searchable, editable, for internal use and also to present to clients as a value add for working with their own data.
  • Machine learning, neural net development.

More Information:
An ideal candidate would take charge of the following areas:
1) continue to provide a robust experience for our clients when we present their own scan data to them, or their customers, via our desktop and mobile apps,
2) develop a robust, secure, standard-practices (OAuth2, etc), easy to use and powerful private API to 3rd parties who want to either get their own data or data from their customers, or get aggregated, anonymized data to use for other purposes without infringing on personal info of clients,
3) develop a responsive and robust front-end that presents analytics, aggregated results, searchable, editable, for internal use and also to present to our clients as a value-add for working with their own data.
Who We Are:
Styku is a fast growing Los Angeles tech startup providing 3D body scanning technology to the fitness and health industries. You'll join an incredibly talented team in engineering, sales, and marketing that's coming off a record year of income and exponential sales growth.
We're highly interested in people that have exhibited strong entrepreneurial qualities in their professional and/or personal lives and share the same passion and interest in fitness, health and wellness as we do. A perfect candidate is a good communicator who values honesty, transparency, hard work, pays attention to detail, is task-oriented, enjoys working within a team, and is a self-starter.
Learn more about our company and vision - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xubDN7JcFfk
Our Product
Our 3D body scanner uses depth cameras and a rotating platform to scan a person's full body in under 30 seconds. Proprietary software then creates an exact 3D model replica of the subject and extracts hundreds of key measurements, like waist, hip, body fat % and more.
Fitness professionals scan members to show them how their 3D shape is changing and responding to training. Medical professionals highlight inches lost in key regions of the body as a response to weight loss treatment, especially when the weight scale doesn't drop as much the patient expects.
These are just a few of the use cases of our product in health and wellness.
Learn more about our product by watching this video - https://www.styku.com/productvideo