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Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://www.chartlytics.com/

Front end react developer

Hiring: Front End Javascript Developer with React experience

Hi! I'm Dave Stevens, Co-founder & CEO of Chartlytics. We're looking for a very passionate front-end  javascript developer to help us build the most powerful behavior measurement platform for accelerating learning outcomes across all of human learning the world has ever seen! Phew...  

Accelerating learning outcomes

We are focused on helping those with special needs realize their potential by providing their care givers with a “GPS for learning”. With my business partner, Dr. Rick Kubina (Professor of Special Education at Penn State) we are transforming how teachers, analysts, coaches, and trainers understand the effects of their instruction on individuals so they can make more timely decisions to produce accelerated outcomes.

Watch this, it’s real, we have hundreds of these stories that we’re getting ready to tell.

We are helping service providers change lives through data science, and we need passionate developers that really want to change the world.

Remote FTW!

We all work remotely. We use slack, github, zoom, to communicate with each other regularly. We're fun, candid and focused on building good software and good solutions. We're bootstrapping the company so there are no VC's or angels to change our business model and force us down paths we'd rather not go. This has it's pros and cons but we're at least in control of our own destiny. If you're looking for free lunches, a built in spa and gym, and a bus to pick you up because you have nowhere to park your car - we're not for you. :)

Visualize all the things

We are in business to make it easier for educators to use data to make quick, reliable and concrete decisions. How do you do that? Data-viz! We use D3.js extensively in our app, and while we’ve built a lot, there is so much more we can do. Have you read Edward Tufte? If you have, you are one of us.

Got Skills?

Ideally you should have:

  • Strong skills in modern Javascript (ES6/ES7) techniques.

  • A deep understanding of React, and unidirectional dataflow architectures i.e. flux/redux.

  • You put the response in responsive

  • You are passionate about making data useful to the lay-person, there is no data you couldn’t derive visual meaning from. D3.js is your go to and Canvas is your friend.

  • You feel the need, the need for speed and apply that to UI development. < 100ms - click to screen!

  • You build components in your sleep, rock solid and performant using atomic design patterns.

  • You bend CSS processors to your will or throw them out and code by hand.

  • React Tools is your best friend.

  • Flow type hinting, Jest for testing, webpack for err packing, and user interface analytics for optimization

  • An appreciation of working with open source code.

  • Interest in implementing functional programming techniques.

  • The ability to create elegant user interfaces and and delightful user experiences

  • A strong attention to detail

  • An appreciation for maintainability over cleverness

  • Design experience from wireframe to deployment - we collectively design the app - your design experience will be but put to use immediately

  • Ability to build and improve a REST/JSON API client

  • Ability to debug API responses

JS all the things!

Our stack:

  • All on AWS

  • Node.js & Koa

  • React & Redux

  • React-Native

  • Mongo

  • Terraform


  • Must have 1 to 2 years of professional front end development with React on a commercial (launched) product and those years shouldn’t be from a coding boot camp.

  • Fluent english, written and spoken, and good internet access are a must. We talk on video chat a lot.

  • Extensive remote working experience - you have a system and you are productive.

  • Ability to work independently - accountable for your own actions and able to act with both urgency and integrity.

  • Ability to work with a team, communicate early and often. Help when you can, ask for help when you need it.

  • Are good at receiving critical feedback, and are able to gently give candid concise feedback to others.

  • Possesses a spirit of generosity

  • Proven track record of always learning and growing in all aspects of your life

Pay & Bennies

  • $70,000 - $80,000 salary, Full time.

  • In the future we will have profit-sharing, health, etc. We don’t have a vacation policy and expect you to take what vacation you need. If you don’t, we’ll ask you to.

We are looking for passionate javascript developers. If you think this - http://demo.chartlytics-stage.com/ - is cool, check out our blog and facebook to get an idea of who we are and what we exist for.

If you like the mission, love the stack, and would like to be involved on the ground floor and meet the qualifications above we'd love to have you on board.

To apply

Please fill out and submit the Google Form below. Include samples of recent code along with your Github and LinkedIn profiles.

Recruiters & Agencies

Please DO NOT contact us about this job. All hires at Chartlytics are made by our own team.

To apply: To apply: Please fill out and submit the Google Form below. Include samples of recent code along with your Github and LinkedIn profiles. https://goo.gl/forms/Ww5xqrByNxzgMHs92