Key responsibilities
  • Work on agile development team using up-to-date agile software engineering practices (Test driven development, continuous delivery, pair programming)

  • Develop, test and deploy new features and improvements in existing product

  • User interface development with focus on dashboards and charts (HTML, Javascript)

  • Server-side development using Node.js and AWS Stack (DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, S3)

Key skills
  • A self-starter with the passion and commitment to learn new skills

  • Knowledge of client and server side web development (basic HTTP Protocol, CSS, HTML, JavaScript)

  • Communicates open and respectfully

  • Knows how to use Ubuntu Linux as development workstation

  • Works collaboratively

  • Able to discuss/accept different points of view of his code and design.

  • Committed to continuous learning

Desirable skills
  • Angular/React

  • Node.js

  • Source control with Git, using GitHub workflow

  • AWS Stack (DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, S3)