Clockwise.MD is currently hiring for a Software Engineer to support our rapidly growing client base. We are looking for candidates who like to problem-solve and work as a team player. Must have excellent analytical, interpersonal, and technical abilities. Engineering is a key part to our ability to deliver solutions and engineers play a key role in both designing and validating solutions with our customers. Clockwise.MD views itself as Engineering-centric.
We work in Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, CSS and HTML. We use Rails, Vue.js and Node.js with PostgreSQL, Redis and Memcached. Our CI/CD process is completely automated and we release at least once daily using a single simple command. You’ll work as a trusted peer on a small team to implement solutions to real problems. We all work on each layer in the stack, we support each other and we learn from each other.
We are looking for a talented software engineer committed to his or her craft to become a key member of our small growing team.