Algorithms play an essential role in eye tracking technology and mass market applications pose extremely challenging requirements. We are looking for algorithm developers that want to join our mission and tackle these challenges. Do you want to push the performance of eye tracking algorithms beyond what is possible today and transform how humans interact with machines? If your answer is yes, keep on reading because you will want to hear about what we have to say!
The role and responsibilities
As an algorithm developer, you will be an important part of the core technology team responsible for the development of eye tracking modules to be used in all our products. This means that your code will not only bring eye tracking into everyday life of potentially billions of people, but also improve the life for people with disabilities and make a difference in understanding human behavior.
As an algorithm developer, you will:
  • Be part of a team that tackles real problems using state of the art computer vision, machine learning and image processing technologies.

  • Design, implement and improve algorithms for eye controlled products.

  • Analyze and tune algorithms to maximize performance.

  • Evaluate and optimize code to meet timing and memory requirements.