Join a new team inside the organisation that will be responsible for the smooth transition of multiple business units within the group’s current web applications onto a newly developed .Net Core platform with a state of the art Angular frontend.
You will be developing front-end functionality and integrating with APIs provided from the .Net Core backend. You will need to be able to understand advanced programming concepts and follow the lead platform and business unit developers coding practices when implementing angular services and integration with the APIs that will be provided. You will need to understand how to implement CSS and HTML5 templates inside an Angular framework using TypeScript.
You will have access to learning resources and have many experienced developers to learn from.
  • Work alongside the Web Platform Architect and Business Unit developers to achieve a successful implementation of new Angular components and services to suit the business requirements and technical expectations.

  • Maintain platform standards and coding practices as defined by the Platform Architect such as (dependency injection, service oriented architecture, good separation of concerns, coding to interfaces and the use Types in javascript / TypeScript).

  • Assist in the development of new functionality to support emerging business requirements in a timely manner.

  • Learn up and coming technologies and frameworks and keep adhere to best practices and standards in the frameworks and technology stack provided.

This role will suit a highly motivated technical individual with a keen interest in Angular and TypeScript, dependency injection and frontend development practices.
Key skills/ experience required for this role:
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent experience in software development

  • Strong interest and knowledge of Angular and TypeScript

  • Experience working with modern programing concepts and practices

  • Experience with unit testing and test driven development is a plus

  • Understanding of Dependency Injection

  • Understanding of coding to interfaces and using types in javascript

  • Understanding of modern coding practices and standards

  • Experience with Automated User testing a plus

We are always on the lookout for talented people who can help us successfully balance our entrepreneurial spirit with old-world family values. So If you are looking for a working environment that's flexible, exciting and fast-paced, and want to work for a company that continually strives to innovate and be a leader in its field, then look no further!
There's so much more to be said, so if this sound like the perfect role for you we'd love to have a chat! A cover letter to accompany your resume will be highly regarded.